Suzhou Haixiang Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd

About Us

Suzhou Haixiang Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd was established in 2001.
 Our company is a professional hi-tech enterprise engaged in optimized
application of additive masterbatches and research of flame retardant
engineering plastics. We take Life Safety, Green Environmental Protection
 as the purpose, producing various of plastic flame retardant master
batch and flame retardant products, main products include: PE, PP, HIPS,
 ABS, PC/ABS, PA, PBT, PET, PC. etc. flame retardant master batch and
corresponding additive masterbatch, widely used in plastics pipe、film、
home electronics、electrical、auto、decorations、panel、injection molding
products and so on. All the products are in line with the EU ROHS
 requirement, annual output: more than 5000 tons.
We produce flame retardant masterbatch through advanced production line
and the best formulation. It owns better dispersibility, higher temperature
 toleration, better applicability to different production process, high
cost performance, easy to use and no pollution. Especially to different
kinds of resin, our master batch have good compatibility, little influence
on material properties, high flame retardant efficiency.